Feminists Speak Out on Sex vs. Gender

Four members of the Women’s Liberation Front presented different aspects of the problem that gender identity poses for women at the Left Forum held in New York City in May. We provide separate video links below to both the panel presentations and the question and answer session that followed.

Kathy Scarbrough starts off the panel “Deconstructing Gender Identity Under Male Supremacy” with a scientific discussion of the difference between sex and gender that challenges the notion of “brain sex”.

Kara Dansky examines problems with the way gender identity is being enshrined in law, rolling over those based on sex.

Samantha Berg presents a myriad of new words and terms coming out of the transgender movement and shows some of the hideousness of the extremists in that movement.

Penny White gives moving testimony as the mother of a child who wanted to transition as a young teen but decided as she got older to accept her body as it was. 

You can also listen to the discussion during the question and answer session that followed.

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