#More Than Mean

By Kathy Scarbrough

This short video, #More Than Mean, has 3 million hits. What a wonderful way to expose the sexist harassment all women face online! The men on camera have agreed, unaware of what is to come, to read tweets directed at two women sports writers (Julie DiCaro and Sarah Spain). I laughed out loud when one guy said he felt like he should apologize to his mother.

And to think I used to believe this vitriol was only hurled at feminists for doing feminism! Is there another word besides misogyny to describe these sentiments?  One feminist active since the 1960s says she’s heard men talk about women like this for decades, primarily when they think women are out of earshot. We’re glad to see some women fight back against this sexist harassment in a public way:


“Just Not Sports” is the organization that put out the video.

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